First Taco Nazo opened in La Puente
Taco Nazo Founders with the Original Location

Our Story

Originally a taco truck in 1978, the La Puente location is now a cultural landmark in Los Angeles. When Gilberto and Maria Romero brought their Fish Taco recipe across the border, they not only pioneered the Ensenada Style Fish Taco but also permanently infused their Baja culture into LA. Part of that culture is allowing other Latinos to pursue their dreams. To date, they've helped dozens of family and friends start their own versions of fish taco restaurants using their recipe. Chances are, if you've enjoyed this style of fish taco anywhere in the greater LA area, it can be traced back to our original La Puente location. The original is still the best, and you owe it to yourself to try the fish taco where it all started.

Fast Forward To The Present